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In Sanskrit, Sattva is defined as pure and of high quality. Our mission is to provide high quality and individualized healthcare with compassion to each of our patients. Su utilizes aspects of both western and alternative medicine to support her patients.



Su Wyatt MSN, FNP

Su is a long time resident of Santa Barbara and has worked in the medical field for over 30 years. Initially from New Zealand, she began traveling and performing international health work in Asia and Central America. Su shared her expertise by serving others in her travels around the globe. She has always had a passion for supporting others and their families. She believes in working closely with her patients to establish their specific needs for creating and maintaining health. While working primarily with conventional medicine, Su also incorporates alternative health practices. 


Cassie Roach

Cassie has worked at Sattva Family Healthcare for six years. She grew up on the central coast of California. She finished her fourth year at UCSB double majoring in Biopsychology and Religious Studies in June of 2015. She now works full-time as a case manager at a local nonprofit and plans to pursue a Master's degree in Social Work. When she is not working as a case manager, she  volunteers with Doctor's Without Walls and spends time with her friends.


Julia Curtiss

Julia has worked at Sattva Family Healthcare for five years. Julia grew up in San Diego. She finished her fourth year at UCSB double majoring in Pharmacology and Biopsychology in June of 2017.  She is pursuing a Master's degree in Nursing. When she is not in the office, Julia spends her time outdoors, with friends, and volunteering at the local hospital.

Kyle Schlopy

Kyle has worked at Sattva Family Healthcare for two years. Kyle grew up in Los Angeles. He is a fourth year student majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences at UCSB. After graduation from UCSB, he plans to pursue a Master’s degree in nursing and eventually work with children. When not in the office, Kyle spends his time working at UCSB’s Department of Recreation, in class, and hanging out with friends.

Adriana Ramirez Negron

Adriana has worked at Sattva Family Healthcare for about a year. She is a second year student at UCSB majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Education. After graduation from UCSB, Adriana plans to go to medical school and eventually become a physician. Outside the office, she spends her time working at a research laboratory, volunteering at the Sea Center, and spending time with friends.

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